Finding a Cure for the Health Care Workforce Shortage | Julian L. Alssid

As we come into the homestretch in the highly contentious debate over health care reform, there is the possibility that more Americans will have access to health care in the near future. Should health care reform pass, however, it is not clear how our already strapped health care system will handle the increased demand for services. This is especially true when it comes to the health care workforce.

Despite today’s high unemployment rates, health care jobs are going unfilled. The outlook is bleaker still with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services projecting a shortage of 88,000 lab technicians by 2012 and nearly one million nurses by the year 2020. Currently, the American Society for Clinical Pathology reports that half of all medical laboratories are having trouble finding qualified lab technicians. On the IT front, the push to adopt electronic health records has prompted nearly one-fifth of health care chief information officers to plan on new hires in the next year, according to a survey by IT staffing and outsourcing firm Robert Half Technology.

The shortage is not due to lack of interest in the field. In 2009 the American Association of Colleges of Nursing reported that nearly 50,000 qualified applicants were denied entrance to professional nursing programs in 2008, and that the nursing faculty shortage was one of the main reasons. Health care programs in community colleges have students wait-listed in some cases for up to two years.

In fact, one of the major reasons more people are not qualified to fill health care vacancies is the bottleneck created in community colleges in critical need of appropriate health care faculty, additional classroom space and clinical experiences, and health care programs specifically designed to address the demand colleges need to fill in the health care industry.

One of the ways community colleges are tackling these needs is by collaborating with employers and others in their communities. Created to address recruiting and retention issues, the Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, is an employer-led career pathways partnership between two educational institutions and three hospital systems employing approximately 30,000 individuals.

Employers in the Health Careers Collaborative provide space for clinical work at their health care facilities and have invested in the faculty positions, creating an additional financial incentive to attract qualified candidates. Serving workers who have not previously been college bound or who have not been successful with college, the Collaborative has graduated more than 1,500 students with health care certificates and has more than 145 students enrolled in associate degree programs at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and Great Oaks.

On the west coast, Oregon is attempting to integrate its associate degree and baccalaureate degree nursing programs and build a statewide curriculum between the two programs in an effort to encourage faculty sharing. And other states, such as Mississippi, have approved salary increases for nursing faculty. But conversely, some states are resorting to lower faculty qualifications to meet the current demand in health care, according to Health Care Finance News (“Nursing Faculty Shortage a Barrier to Nurse Training,” March 11, 2009).

To the degree they are able, community colleges are also increasing the number of courses offered on weekends, in the evenings, and online. The Kentucky Community College and Technical College System has initiated a new modularized online nursing program that allows students to take “mini courses.” Colleges are using mobile labs to offer students hands-on learning usually gained through clinical experiences now in short supply.

The Obama Administration’s American Graduation Initiative stands to strengthen our community colleges and provide critical support for the role they play in our economy. AGI would offer $12 billion to community colleges over 10 years to address accountability, construction, technology and other key pressure points as these institutions struggle — with record-breaking enrollment rates — to meet the increased demand for high-skilled workers with increasingly limited faculty capacity, space, and resources.

Health care reform may come any day now. But increasing demand in the health care industry without finding a cure for our health care workforce shortage could have unintended consequences. That’s why initiatives to promote more access to better training and education are so critical at this time.

Need Help Finding A Job? Check Out These Tips!

If you found yourself in need of a job lately, it is likely that you have gotten frustrated. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to locate any job, especially a high-quality one. It is imperative that you present yourself as the right candidate to any potential employer. Keep on reading to find out how to accomplish this.

If you still have a job, don’t slack off just because you’re looking for work elsewhere. Slacking off at the end can result in creating a bad reputation for yourself. After all, you need references in order to land a better job and if your references tell your potential employers that you slacked off, your chances of landing the job are decreased. You have to try your hardest to succeed.

Head to school. Sometimes it is important to learn new skills in order to land a new job. It’s important that you’re taking every opportunity out there that allows you to learn more so you can have a better job. You can even study online at home.

Research the average salary for your industry so you don’t discount yourself while negotiating. Most people will put a low salary because they are afraid they can be turned away if they put a better rate. This can be true if you go overboard, but if you act desperate, then you may end up with low pay that can hurt you for years to come.

Higher quality employees may be attracted to the offer of amenities to the job. Lots of the best companies provide amenities like gyms, restaurants, etc. A lot of people will want these amenities, and thus apply for those jobs. This means that employers will be able to select from a larger pool, which means they have access to top candidates.

Employment agencies are often helpful with your job search. These agencies are free and can do the legwork to get you a good job. They will look at your skills and use them to help you find a job. You want to make jobs that are hiring in denton tx sure you keep checking in with the employment agency to make your resume stay on top of the stack.

Consider networking within your desired field. Networking will help you to get to know people who may be able to help you get into the field you want. Try to immerse yourself in your chosen industry by going to conferences, seminars, webinars, and industry networking events. Networking allows you to absorb information from multiple sources and with a variety of perspectives.

If you’ve just landed a new job, it’s a wise decision to communicate with your boss more rather than less. Many issues in the workplace can be traced back to poor communication, eroding trust. Report in to your boss as often as you can. Keeping your boss in the dark can only lead to future trouble.

Create a consistent work schedule. Consistency is something that all employers appreciate. If they understand what is likely to occur, you will be trusted. Be consistent with any hours you can work and lunch breaks you’ll need. Should adjustments need to be made, good communication, as early as possible, is suggested.

Make sure you know the basic facts about any company you are interviewing with. Most companies will have their own web site that you can read up on. This helps you ask intelligent questions regarding information about the company, which makes you look very interested in it. Your interviewer is sure to be impressed with the time and care you have invested.

It should not be an ordeal to find the right job. If you are able to demonstrate your value, getting a good job should be feasible. When it’s time for you to apply for a job, use this article’s advice and be prepared for success.

How To Be Successful With Your Weight Loss Goals

Folks despise to think that they’re over gastric sleeve Coppell weight or have undesirable habits. Thinking of your weight forces you to think about the illness you may be at threat for, and can even indicate considering your death. However it is still essential that you are aware of actions you can require to reduce weight and also boost your health. That’s the function of the suggestions provided here.Green tea is

a fantastic tool for weight loss. Environment-friendly tea shows metabolic process enhancing capacities as well as is an organic power booster. Just take in a mug of environment-friendly tea each morning before working out to take pleasure in the extra energy it imparts.Staying in size is vital to experiencing your weight management. Try to get around Thirty Minutes of exercise daily. To fulfill this target, participate team activities that you like, as an example swimming, cycling, dancing, bowling or anything else that obtains your physical body relocating and you appreciate. This is a great means to comply with fascinating individuals and will enable you to obtain the workout you need while having enjoyable at the exact same time. Individuals you fulfill through this are really most likely to be helpful in helping you with staying with your fitness plan.Weight loss will certainly make you cut things out of your life, but you do

not need to compromise preference! In previous years, many weight-loss meals was bland in preference as well as low in sugar. Today, however, there are several contemporary sweeteners and also preservatives that could still cut the carbs and also fatty tissue, but with a preference that equals a rich meal matching. This is the right course to take if you want to keep consuming your favorite meals while still attaining your weight loss goals.An excellent way to help you burn fat is to consume egg whites and discard the yolk.

The yolk is not as healthy as the whites, and also it consists of high levels of fat and cholesterol. The egg whites will give you as a result of much needed protein.A smart idea would be to limit your caffeine intake. There is proof that recommends that caffeine

could slow your body’s fat deposits burning efficiency.If you wander off from your diet regimen, do not obtain too upset regarding it. You cannot be best; you’re simply human. If you offer in to temptation as well as take in some ice cream, remember to do a little bit much more exercise to make up. If you do not seem like it or don’t have time, resist having the surprise. Regret and self-abuse interfere with your goal. Put one step in front of the opposing to keep proceeding toward your goal!Exercise consistently to lose weight. If you have health club fees in your spending plan, sign up with one. Other choices to consider are Pilates, Tai Chi, jogging or strolling. If you have health concerns, talk to a medical professional

before you start a program. You will certainly locate some choices are quickly executed in your home or throughout work hours.It is crucial that you take a multivitamin pill when trying to lose weight. Several of the foods that are gotten rid of while on a diet plan include vitamins our physical bodies need. If you take a multivitamin pill, you will certainly be insured your body is getting enough of these vitamins

and minerals.Keeping a low calorie diet plan is a succeeding fat burning method. If you’re able to take in less calories than you’re burning, weight management will happen. Consume healthy foods that are complete of nutrients and also fiber. Drink bunches of water to curb your hunger.As you could view from this article, dropping weight and leading a much healthier life isn’t really as hard as it appears! Discovering a healthy weight can be difficult; too much or as well little weight could endanger your overall wellness. Follow the recommendations from this short article to safely shed those pounds.

The Very Best Tips About Employment Are In This Article

The sooner which you commence to create a profession plan the better your current chances will be regarding obtaining that dream job you’ve been hoping for. be sure that you commence looking for perform which includes connected with that that a person are interested in. Inside addition, keep your grades as higher when you could to produce a good impression on possible employers.

Regardless in the job, dress nicely when seeking employment. Interviewers think about a new well-dressed person as a better candidate. always present yourself well, even if you’re just leaving a credit card applicatoin as well as resume for consideration.

Talk to be able to other people you realize already when seeking for a job. check to see if they have contacts that can assist an individual to terrain an interview. Any great offer of individuals skip that will step, however you need to commence at that point; many employers are generally friendlier to those advised than to total strangers.

If you aren’t in any place to locate a job, the browsing strategy wants being reworked. Right now there are a great deal of places that may certainly not be hiring these times but that shouldn’t stop you. A Person may well must broaden your own job search area, nevertheless help make sure that you can actually afford the commute if you get hired.

Make good use associated with LinkedIn. the Q&A section can end up being a good way to demonstrate off your own knowledge. You may well also ask questions along with study a lot about additional people’s jobs and experiences.

Keep your skill set as much as date, and also by absolutely no means stop learning. businesses will want somebody that is a lot more and more qualified as period will go on. Therefore, to keep yourself relevant, you require to keep up, or perhaps you’ll be left behind. Workshops, conferences, lectures and market events are excellent resources. the a lot more you’re capable of learn, your better you are in a new position to market your self in order to folks which you wish in order to function for.

Try not to befriend your current boss along with co-workers. It is advisable to stay in a professional degree at all times. Anytime you become buddies using people, your relationship gets far more complicated. This particular can easily quickly cause drama, which usually you are usually doing not really want. In case relationships at work tend to be affecting your current production, steer clear associated with them.

Don’t actually put all associated with your hopes directly into landing 1 job. Obtaining any occupation is not simple consequently help make sure you’ve any lot of various choices. Always Be certain that you have other items to fall back again on. Use everywhere which you can, since this will offer you higher odds involving gaining employment.

If your current employer delivers team well being insurance, join it. The idea can be cheaper to become able to hold the premium taken straight out associated with your spend compared to what you would pay with an individual plan. When your husband or even wife includes a team medical insurance program with his or her location associated with work, look over both to see which one may be the much better 1 to utilize for yourself.

The information higher than has supply important details in assisting anyone property the job of one’s choice. Your most important of them becoming that a person simply have to strategy every thing that an individual simply can easily ahead of time and work towards your specific goals. you need to be noticeable as dedicated, and the industry will have ample work readily accessible for you.

Disturbing Video: Four Missing Boys From Amber Alert Rescued After Standoff Between Their Dad And Police …

Disturbing Video: Four Missing Boys From Amber Alert Rescued After Standoff Between Their Dad And Police In Montebello, Calif.

Four boys who were part of an Amber Alert in Montebello, California, as of Wednesday night have been safely rescued. The boys, brothers, ages 6 to 11, were with their father, Daniel Perez, 43, the person of interest in this case, as reported by L.A. Times.

It was a grueling hour-long standoff between Perez and SWAT teams on a San Diego freeway, which consisted of negotiations and an attempted suicide when Perez tried to jump off the bridge. Watch it as it unfolded live in the video below.

Authorities caught a break, thanks to Perez’s LoJack tracking system in his car. L.A. Times reports that authorities activated the device, even though Perez hadn’t done so.

It was around 8:23 a.m. when Montebello police got a “ping” on Perez’s car and were able to pinpoint his location at El Cajon industrial park. Unfortunately, when police arrived, they discovered that Perez’s car windows were so darkly tinted that officers were unable to safely determine of the boys were in the car. Lt. Mike Multon says that is when they called for backup.

Things heated up when Perez drove off before backup had time to arrive. A pursuit entailed until Perez stopped on a bridge over a freeway.

As Perez sat in his car, authorities began trying to negotiate via cell phone with Perez. It was then the police confirmed the four boys were in the car with him.

CHP officers set up behind the car while sharpshooters took positions in various locations.

Two of the boys escaped by jumping out of the car and fleeing to the open arms of police officers.

As reported by NBC San Diego, once two armored BearCat vehicles surrounded his car, Perez came out of the vehicle while holding one of the boys’ hands. The other son followed behind them.

Perez and the two boys walked to the edge of the ramp, where Perez stopped for a brief moment and then attempted to jump over the wall to what would have been his certain death. But before he could complete his attempt, Perez was shot with a nonlethal bean bag gun and tackled to the ground. He was immediately taken into police custody, as CHP spokesman Kevin Pearlstein revealed to NBC San Diego.

“Our concern was he was going to try to jump over the side and take some of the boys with him.”

While not wanting to speculate on whether or not Perez is suicidal, Pearlstein told NBC San Diego he wouldn’t rule it out.

“Running over to the bridge, getting ready to jump over, is pretty good sign of what his intents were.”

Previously, Perez and his sons were last seen leaving a relative’s house Saturday night. The boys’ mom, Erica Perez, 39, was not with them. The boys have not been at school all week, nor had Daniel been at work.

A dead body of a woman was found in the trunk of the family car less than a mile from their home. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, police have not revealed the identity of the woman, nor her cause of death. However, speculation is that it is the body of the boys’ mother.

Amber Alert e1Amber Alert e1

Pearlstein is thankful for the end result today and for the success of the police and all those involved, as per NBC San Diego.

“The goal today was to get all four boys to return safely and for the suspect to get into custody safely and the result is a success from this point of view. From the other incident, obviously it’s a tragedy for the family.”

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iDevices talks working w/ Apple to fast track HomeKit product development w/ its own SDK

iDevices talks working w/ Apple to fast track HomeKit product development w/ its own SDK | 9to5Mac


Apple introduced HomeKit during its WWDC Keynote presentation last June. Since then we’ve heard HomeKit-enabled chips are on the move, but you still can’t buy a HomeKit-certified device. They are on the way, however, as Apple just started accepting product plans from manufacturers following a yearly summit for companies in its Made-for-iPhone program.

iDevices, maker of the iGrill, is hoping it’ll help push HomeKit into the mainstream. Since early last year, the Connecticut-based company? has invested over? 10 million? dollars into HomeKit development and has been closely working with Apple to create its own HomeKit SDK. We recently spoke with the CEO of iDevices to learn more about how the company is working with? Apple to build its? own HomeKit SDK meant to help fast track hardware product development for the platform.


The purpose of this SDK? is to? enable other companies to bring HomeKit-certified devices to market much quicker. Chris Allen, CEO of iDevices, describes how? his company’s future SDK? complements Apple’s HomeKit support:

Apple’s done a great job of putting the framework together – of how to build this home automation space, but there’s still a gap. It [iDevice’s platform] looks like a bridge… from where Apple leaves you in their existing product SDK … and where? it has to go to be a fully in-market product. And that middle layer? of software is what we’ve created.


iDevices will be the first company to offer a? service of this kind. The goal is to? help other companies who may lack? the money or know-how to meet Apple’s strict HomeKit requirements, to? bring a home automation product to market without going bankrupt or taking an exorbitant? amount of time.

On average, iDevice’s partners can expect to bring a HomeKit compliant product to market 9 to 12 months faster, but it’s possible some quick-moving companies could get the job done in as little as 6 months thanks to iDevices’ platform. Allen thinks it’s key for his company and others to embrace HomeKit:

I’d rather be on the back of an 800 pound gorilla, integrating, playing nice? with them, then being the nail under their foot trying to force integration.

In addition to the iDevices Platform, Allen says iDevices is on track to unveil its? first HomeKit-enabled product and several high-profile partnerships next month during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. We’ll be on hand at CES? to bring you all of these announcements and more.

iDevices’s HomeKit SDK is available now for partners.

Like this:Like Loading…Share ThisMFi Summit Shenzhen: Apple begins accepting product plans for HomeKit accessories

MFi Summit Shenzhen: Apple begins accepting product plans for HomeKit accessories

Expect first HomeKit-compatible devices soon as certified chips ship to manufacturers

Expect first HomeKit-compatible devices soon as certified chips ship to manufacturers

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