iPhone 5C could be killed next year, and Apple’s cheap and cheerful line might die with it

iPhone 5C could be killed next year, and Apple’s cheap and cheerful line might die with it – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

The 5C was released last year, alongside the 5S, as a cheaper version of the iPhone. It came in a range of colours, filled with the guts of the 5 that was released the year before, but in a plastic box.

But Apple is tapering off production of the phone and is likely to discontinue it in the middle of 2015, reports Taiwan”s Industrial and Commercial Times.

Apple usually phases out products as new ones launch ” and the iPhone 5C, especially with its slightly older innards, would be expected to leave the line-up next year.

But the reported poor sales performance of the phones relative to other models, as well as Apple”s new strategy of selling a bigger and smaller version of its iPhone in the 6 and 6 Plus, could mean that the cheap and colourful version of the iPhone is on its way out forever.

Rumours ahead of launch that Apple would be releasing a cheaper phone led many to presume that it would be a budget model. But the phone was met by disappointment among some reviewers when Apple revealed that the 5C was only just over ??100 cheaper than its smaller sibling and still more expensive than many other phones on the market.

The 5C is no longer given any prominence on Apple”s iPhone site.


Ariana Grande’s New Song Is About Being Seduced by Santa and Fucking Him

Ariana Grande’s New Song Is About Being Seduced by Santa and Fucking Him

Ariana Grande's New Song Is About Being Seduced by Santa and Fucking Him

What follows is a lyrical analysis of this year’s sexiest Christmas hymn.

Sixty years ago, the world was shocked by Eartha Kitt’s efforts to extort gifts from Santa Claus using the faint promise of sex, as detailed in her iconic erotic Christmas carol “Santa Baby.” Now horny, sparkly Christmas snowflake Ariana Grande has burst into our Christmas season with another song about holiday lovemaking.

Like so much of what is belted out of Grande’s mouth, the love story at the heart of “Santa Tell Me,” is alternately romantic and perplexing; sensual and utterly incomprehensible. Unlike “Santa Baby,” here there is no mention of sables, yachts, or gifts of any kind; Ariana Grande is in it for love. She straight-up wants to fuck Santa.

Santa [1] tell me if you’re really there[2]

Don’t make me fall in love again[3]

If he[4] won’t be here next year

Santa tell me if he really cares

‘Cause I can’t give it all away[5] if he won’t be here next year

Feeling Christmas all around

And I’m trying to play it cool

But it’s hard to focus when I see him walking ‘cross the room[6]

“Let It Snow” is blasting now

But I won’t get in the mood

I’m avoiding every mistletoe until I know it’s true love[7]

That he thinks of

So next Christmas I’m not all alone, boy

I’ve been down this road before[8]

Fell in love on Christmas night[9]

But on New Year’s day I woke up and [you?][10] wasn’t by my side[11]

Now I need someone to hold

Be my fire in the cold[12]

But it’s hard to tell if this is just a fling or if it’s true love

That he thinks of

Oh I wanna have him beside me like ohOohOoh

On the 25th by the fireplace[13] ohOohOoh

But I don’t want no broken heart[14]

This year I’ve got to be smart

Oh baby

(Santa tell me

Santa tell me

Santa tell me)

If [ya?][15] will be here

(Santa tell me)

Tell me!

(If you’re really there)

Teeeeell meeeee, baaaabyyyy!

(Don’t make me fall in love again

If he won’t be here next year)

If you won’t be–if you won’t be heeeere!

(Santa tell me)

Teeeeell meee!

(If he really cares)

Do you care?!

[1] Like a toddler randomly commingling the porcelain figurines of a Christmas cr?che, the chorus of “Santa Tell Me” sets a scene of true chaos, where no characters are easily identifiable either by their actions, or relation to one another. Grande begins by addressing Santa Claus in the second person, a decision that suggests the entire song will be directed toward him. She refers to Santa by first name only, rather than “Santa Claus,” or the more formal “Saint Nicholas”–indicative of a casual intimacy.

[2] Right up top, Ariana Grande demonstrates a peculiar obsession with ensuring that Santa Claus is both real, and present to hear her love song

[3] She addresses Santa as an Eros-type figure, capable of causing her to fall in love (possibly with himself?)

[4] In the third line, Grande abruptly introduces a third person pronoun–he. Now she is asking you (Santa) if he (unknown male) really cares–presumably about the happiness and romantic fulfillment of Ariana Grande–and if he will be “here” (perhaps in the Boca Raton home of Grande’s grandparents–the site of many Grande family celebrations) next year. Obviously, it would be confusing for Grande to address Santa in both the second and third person within the same conversation. We will return to this objection.

[5] Grande also reveals she is wary of “giving it all away”–presumably a euphemism for engaging in sexual intercourse–to a partner who is unwilling or unable to make a long term commitment to the relationship. She is a virginal Mary with the sagacity of Magdalene.

[6] In the second verse, we learn nothing about the identity of the song’s mysterious male character, but a great deal about the unique sexual idiosyncracies of one Ariana Grande. From its opening lines, we can surmise that the effect of Christmas on Ariana is similar to that of the moon to a werewolf: it creates a palpable temporary madness. Here a miserable Ariana Grande describes her floundering attempts to “play it cool” and ignore her innate biological urges despite the fact that she can “feel” Christmas all around.

[7] We learn too that “Let It Snow” is a song that typically puts Grande “in the mood” for sexual activity, even over the more obvious choice of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” (Perhaps she means the Boyz II Men version.) We are also made to realize that Ariana Grande does not even want to kiss the object of her intense sexual longing until she is certain his intentions toward her are adequately romantic, as indicated by her avoidance of “every mistletoe.”

[8]A revision to our previous comparison to the Blessed Mother; Ariana Grande is no virgin.

[9] Out of all the verses, the third offers the most clues to the identity of Ariana Grande’s would-be romantic partner. The most prominent of these occurs in the first two lines, where she explains that she has fallen “in love” on Christmas night on at least one prior instance. Grande was raised Catholic ( though she later became a student of the Kabbalah), from which we can infer that she likely spends December 25th at home, with family. This limits the pool of potential suitors to those individuals she is likely to encounter on Christmas night: male cousins of marriageable age[A]; random CVS employees she encounters on an unexpected trip to purchase paper towels[B], non-alcoholic mixers, etc.; Santa Claus (who visits in the wee hours of Christmas morning, i.e. at night).

[A]Two factors eliminate the possibility that the song is about a male relative: (1) Family is one of the most important things to Ariana Grande, and it is unlikely she would jeopardize familial accord with a sexual dalliance; (2) According to many confident Internet comments, Ariana Grande has only female cousins[B]The CVS employee is disqualified as a possible contender when we learn that Ariana Grande was unable to locate her “love” on New Year’s Day. A CVS employee would have been easy enough for Grande to track down–all she’d need do would be return to the CVS where she fell in love.

[10] While Ariana Grande famously possesses the voice of an angel with a mouth full of marbles, it certainly sounds as if she switches back to the second person on line three, redirecting her comments toward Santa Claus, the original audience for her remarks, as established in the chorus.

[11] Santa would not be present anywhere in the vicinity of the Grande residences in either Boca Raton or Los Angeles on New Year’s Day, having long since returned to his home at the North Pole.

[12] Grande speaks of her need for a man to be her “fire in the cold”–possibly a reference to Santa’s fire engine red suit, or to his burning love for Ariana Grande.

[13]After entering a house through its chimney, Santa Claus typically finds himself deposited at the base of a fireplace. This is therefore a likely place for Ariana Grande to encounter Santa Claus.

[14]The 12-hour period from 8 p.m. December 24th through 8 a.m. December 25 is the busiest of the entire year for Santa Claus. Ariana Grande is no doubt aware that it would be virtually impossible for him to carve out time to make love to her by the fireplace of her family’s Florida mansion on this particular night; hence, even as she expresses her desire for a union, she acknowledges that she is likely to be left with a “broken heart” when Santa is unable to commit himself fully to her on the busiest night of his work year.

[15] Yet again, it is not totally clear if Grande is employing the second or third person pronouns here, but so much of art is about perception and at this point in the song it is nigh impossible to perceive that Ariana Grande is singing about anything other than making love to Santa Claus. It certainly sounds like Ariana Grande is beseeching Santa Claus to tell her if he will be a willing and able candidate to receive her good tidings (in the form of sex) on December 25th. But she might still be using the third person pronoun, i.e. speaking to Santa Claus about an unnamed male character.

[16] As the song reaches its climax, so too does Ariana Grande, screaming wild nonsense in jingle jumbled ecstasy. She has fully given herself over to the spirit of Christmas hinted at in the second verse.

[17] Grande responds to the chorus line “Santa tell me / if he really cares” by demanding of Santa explicitly “Do you care?!” This presents us with a final and game-changing method of interpreting all the prior the switches in grammatical person: Perhaps all the instances of third person are not Grande talking to Santa Claus about a third party, but Grande talking to a third party about Santa Claus. She isn’t telling Santa to tell her if someone else really cares. Rather, she is saying “[I want] Santa [to] tell me / if he [i.e. Santa] really cares.”

putting out a kewt Christmas song for u on nov 24th called Santa Tell Me! lil something for the holidays :) so excited#10DaysTilSantaTellMe

– Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande)November 13, 2014

Happy holidays and don’t forget to wear a condom.

[Image via AP]


Helium: It gives NYC’s Thanksgiving parade a lift

Helium: It gives NYC’s Thanksgiving parade a lift – NewsAdvance.com : Wire

Gilleland, Pauline W.

Pauline W. Gilleland of New Holland, Pa., a lifelong educator, died at home Sunday, November 23, 2014 just a few days short of her 86th birthday.Polly was preceded in death by her parents, Cathleen Watchorn Stewart and Doland Watchorn; as well as a step father, Walter Stewart, all of California, Pa. Polly was also preceded in death by her loving husband, William W. Gilleland of New Holland, Pa.Polly is survived by her children, William W. Gilleland (Nancy) of Forest, Va., and Valarie A. Weaver (Doug) of Terre Hill, Pa. Also surviving are three grandchildren, Kimberly Cherry of Forest, Va., Kandace McGinnis (Tom) of Richmond, Va. and Ryan Gilleland ( Kylie ) of Forest, Va.; six great-grandchildren, Jackson and Aidan Cherry of Forest, Max and Lilly McGinnis of Richmond, and Beckett and Merrick Gilleland of Forest.Polly was a proud graduate of Penn State University with a BS Degree in Education and subsequently received her Master’s Degree in Education from Temple University. Polly spent her entire professional career in early childhood education and had a special place in her heart for those elementary school students who faced challenges in their young lives yet showed so much potential. She worked in several school districts throughout Pennsylvania including those in: State College, Leola, Brecknock Twp, the Town of New Holland and Lancaster City. Recently Polly established the Pauline W. Gilleland Trustees Scholarship at Penn State for those students in financial need in the School of Education who plan to major in and pursue a career in early childhood education.Polly loved to read and was very active in her Book Club. She also loved music and enjoyed attending church services and chorale performances where Val and/or Doug were performing. She also loved landscaping and flower gardening in particular. She enjoyed the annual summer family vacations at Ocean City, Md. and more recently the summer trips to Virginia to visit all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Polly and Bill also enjoyed canoeing and fishing as well as attending Penn State football games.After the loss of Bill, Polly served as the New Holland regional chairperson in coordinating the fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society for several years and was also a strong supporter of The Hospice of Lancaster County. Polly’s family would like to give a special thanks to all of those who comforted her during the last few months in particular Special Care of Lancaster, Affilia Home Health of Lancaster, The New Holland Family Health Center and Hospice & Community Care of Lancaster.Visits and calls from friends, Connie Greer, Andy Goldman, Janice Duffey and Jim and Rhonda Farmer were much appreciated as was the care given by Mary Adebisi of Special Care.A memorial service celebrating the life of Polly will be held at Groff-High, 145 W. Main St., New Holland on Saturday, November 29, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. with Pastor Thomas Nicholas officiating.In lieu of flowers, the family would respectfully suggest a donation to Hospice & Community Care, P.O. Box 4125, Lancaster, PA 17604-4125; or to The Reformed Presbyterian Church, 21 East Locust Street, Ephrata, PA 17522-2727; or to a charity of your choice.


Gwen Stefani Releases Blazing Pharrell Produced Single, ‘Spark The Fire’

Gwen Stefanie Releases Blazing Pharrell Produced Single, “Spark The Fire”- Listen Now

Vocally feisty and always stylish, Gwen Stefani has returned with her latest single, “Spark the Fire,” courtesy of producer Pharrell Williams. Stefani, probably best known for her empowering anthem “Hollaback Girl” and her uptempo tracks such as “The Sweet Escape,” has returned with a much different sound on her latest track.

Billboard highlights this stating, “[‘Spark the Fire’] has a thin, strange beat, combining an insistent triangle and an eclectic assortment of drum sounds,” also adding that Gwen Stefani “backs away from the sticky anthems on ‘Spark the Fire.'”

Stefani, who has been off the music scene for a lengthy time, has recently made strides to reignite her solo career by teaming up with Calvin Harris on “Baby Don’t Lie,” a track which has been met with an underwhelming response. Now with her third album set to drop, Gwen’s first single is sure to get the fire started, or at least party, for her fans who have been patiently awaiting her return.

Fans were recently given a taste of the new track when a portion was played in a new 30-second spot for the FIAT Gran Finale, and in addition Pharrell is said to have played the track live during a set.

Bradley Stern, contributor at Idolator, certainly is enthusiastic about the results of the efforts of renown producer and musical talents Williams and Stefani.

“‘The Voice’ judge and ‘What You Waiting For?’ icon is in a real fun mood on the twinkling bop, supplying hints of ‘The Sweet Escape’s’ ‘Yummy’ and L.A.M.B.’s original Pharrell collabo, ‘Hollaback Girl.’ It’s all sorts of silly and, if nothing else, certainly feels more like Gwen’s sliding back in her comfort zone above P’s zany beats. So much cooler when you do it, Gwen!”

Direct Lyrics agrees by assessing it as being fun, sassy, and catchy, and fairly notes that “it’s a bit ‘messy’ and ‘stupid’ but with this song it’s all about the fun. Don’t expect a clever message and just dance!”

You decide! Have a listen to “Spark the Fire.”

Stefani, who first came on the scene as the front woman for No Doubt, has not released a solo album since Sweet Escape, which became available back in 2006. The release of this latest track, which will soon be followed by Stefani’s third album, is surely the perfect bridge back to solo success for the timeless talent. “Spark the Fire” certainly lends itself to club goers looking to hit the dance floor to the sound of some truly magnetic beats.

Gwen Stefani continues to turn up the heat as many things, pop icon, red-lipped rocker, and let’s not forget her success as fashionista front-woman for her L.A.M.B. fashion line. “Sparking the fire” and bringing the heat is simply what she does best.


Interview with Lewis Hamilton before his F1 showdown with Nico Rosberg – F1 – Sport – Daily Express

Interview with Lewis Hamilton before his F1 showdown with Nico Rosberg | F1 | Sport | Daily Express

Among the landmarks Hamilton has established this season is a record 32nd win by a British driver, taking the mark from Nigel Mansell.

Yet the Mercedes racer could go on and rack up five titles and a half century of wins yet will never match ‘Our Nige’ in terms of popularity.

Mansell was the high-speed embodiment of the plucky underdog; shrugging off years of misfortune and set-backs to finally reach the pinnacle of the sport.

The battling former special constable struck a chord with the British public as Mansell mania reached its height as he roared to the title in 1992.

Mansell could moan for Britain, and often did. Though it only seemed to increase his popularity.

Hamilton, in stark contrast, often comes across as petulant when things have not gone his way on the track – and he has been unlucky this season. After team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg wrecked his qualifying lap in Monaco in May, Hamilton’s prolonged complaint was seen in a poor light.

Sir Jackie Stewart, 75, said: “I didn’t like Lewis’s behaviour in Monte Carlo. That tainted my appreciation of him because it wasn’t one day that he sulked, but two. He should have been able to ride over it. But Nico’s behaved very well, presented himself very well.”

Seven years after bursting into F1 and nearly winning the drivers’ crown in his rookie season, Hamilton continues to divide opinion. Hamilton is said to have had a smooth, funded progression to F1 thanks to former team McLaren despite his upbringing in a council flat in Stevenage while his father scrimped and saved.