Government regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care

Government regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care | PCWorld

Governments may need to tighten the regulatory screws on SaaS vendors to make them be more transparent and forthcoming about their security practices.

Until then, it will be hard for health care companies in particular to fully trust cloud software vendors, according to speakers at the EU-U.S. ehealth Marketplace and Conference in Boston on Wednesday.

Depending on customers to audit cloud vendors to ensure that their security and privacy measures comply with U.S. government regulations on protecting sensitive data is inadequate, one of the speakers said.

“The best we can do right now is a checklist,” said Chris Davis, a Verizon senior architect whose job entails ensuring that the company’s cloud services meet the data security regulations of various national governments. Technology, however, changes rapidly and checklists soon become dated, he said.

To properly gauge the effectiveness of a cloud vendor’s security policies, customers should be able to examine the company’s risk management practices. However, cloud vendors lack a reason to be this transparent. Instead, said Davis, they sign documents saying they comply with laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the U.S., which governs the sharing and protecting of people’s health information. The government could pass laws that encourage the exchange of cloud security practices by vendors, he said.

Companies from various industries are already collecting reams of information for projects related to big data analysis, but aren’t sharing and studying this data for security matters.

“It’s a threat to all industries, not just health care,” said Davis. “Security should be transparent and operate in the background.”

Most of the cloud products are so new there aren’t government regulations for specific use cases, said Charles Beyrouthy, CEO of LabCloud, a Boston company that develops SaaS (software as service) products for small and medium-size research laboratories. The government could help by developing standards for different data uses, such as in a laboratory or for data related to ehealth.

The same method of financial penalties and rewards that compelled hospitals to adopt electronic health records for meaningful use in patient care could be used to get cloud vendors onboard with sharing security data, said Davis.

“The role of government is to move toward that transparency and data sharing,” he said.

Governments could also pass legislation that gives people more access to the data companies have collected on them and the ability to control it, such as correcting wrong information, said Ralph Zottola, CTO of the research computing division at the University of Massachusetts.

“People are smart and are willing to participate but they need to feel they’re not being abused,” he said. This applies to all industries, not just health care, he said.

But government laws alone won’t increase cloud computing use in the health-care space. The SaaS industry could do more to make its services intuitive to use and better suited to the needs of specific health researchers, like those who work in labs.

Giving people the ability to control their data in the cloud is a design issue, not a security problem, said Davis, who added that some user interface designs are clunky.

“There’s still a significant percent of the population that aren’t technologically literate and can’t use these services,” he said.

Cloud software developers may not realize that health researchers need applications that have audit functions to ensure that workers are complying with regulations, said Beyrouthy.

“The software has been designed by software professionals” and that can prove problematic in the highly regulated health-care industry, he said.

Instead of using industry-specific services consolidated onto one platform, scientists use Microsoft Word and Excel for document management and multiple platforms for storing data.

“Fifty to 70 percent of the time scientists are managing stats instead of doing actual work,” said Beyrouthy.

As for how much of the health-care industry has taken to using cloud services, the answer varies depending on the definition of cloud computing. Hospitals haven’t been eager to roll out SaaS services, said Davis. Among individual care providers, however, adoption rates are higher, especially with consumer-focused services like Dropbox.

“I talk to a number of doctors who unknowingly use iCloud,” he said, referring to Apple’s storage and backup cloud service.

What You Must Know About Dental Hygiene

If you do not like the appearance of your teeth, you are not alone. Having a healthy smile is very important in order to make a good first impression on people. If you aren’t happy with the way your teeth look, your self-esteem can really suffer. The following article will give you some great pointers for keeping your teeth looking great.

Dental cleaners can be a real help when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth. Inter-dental cleaners are usually disposable small brushes that are used to clean teeth in between brushings, and they can also be used to clean in between brace wires and teeth. If you cannot find these on your own, do not be afraid to ask for help. Surely an employee can help you so that you know where they are.

The backside of teeth should not be neglected. It’s all too easy to neglect those teeth you cannot see, and it can have negative consequences. Always brush all the way back. That way your tooth problems will be minimized.

See a dentist right away if your teeth chip or you are in pain. If you delay, your teeth may suffer even greater damage. It’s best to visit your dentist right away if you have a problem. This can save you lots of pain and money in the long run.

Even if you do not like going to the dentist, sticking to your regular checkups is important. You’ll reduce Eugene OR pediatric dentists the risk of serious issues if you keep up with your dental check ups. Your dentist will be able to remove plaque and tartar and will detect issues before they get any worse.

You must not only remember to keep your teeth brushed, but your tongue needs a good cleaning too. The food you eat collects on your tongue and just leaving it there allows bacteria and germs to form. This can cause bad breath, and the bacteria can spread to other areas of your mouth.

Many teens are lazy with their oral hygiene. A great way to talk your teens into flossing, brushing and using mouthwash is to tell them nobody enjoys people with bad breath. Teens are usually very self-conscious when it comes to what others think of them and will do their best to adopt a better hygiene.

Visit with your dentist prior to using any sort of teeth whitening products. You may be shocked to know that a few of these whitening products might end up doing more harm than good! While it is safe to apply many such products, it is often hard to separate out the good from the bad. Trust your dentist to recommend an appropriate whitening application that will suit you.

No matter what brand of toothpaste you choose, it should always contain fluoride. This helps to build up the strength of your teeth to ensure they don’t break, develop cavities or end up with other problems. Strong teeth are after all healthy teeth.

If you have a tooth that is causing you pain, you should contact your dentist immediately. Severe pain that is prolonged might indicate an infection, so this should be addressed immediately. Speak with your dentist immediately and go see him right away; when untreated, an infection in the tooth can go to your brain.

This article should have helped you understand just how easy it is to change the health and look of your teeth. You don’t have to every be embarrassed by your teeth. Since your teeth will look great, you can now be proud about your smile. Enter every room with a big smile on your face by following the tips you learned in this article.

Ease Your Back Discomfort With These Tips

Most occurrences of back discomfort result from muscle injuries.Damage in ligaments and muscles can hurt your back in a major affect on the condition of the back. The following article is going to inform you of much useful tidbits regarding back pain. While there are certainly moments in which you may feel hopeless, back discomfort generally will subside after some time.

Find a quality mattress that provides firm in order to avoid back pain. Most experts concur that a mattress which is too soft mattresses work against those who suffer from back discomfort. A firm mattress is preferable, but not be so hard that it also causes back problems. You might have to visit many stores and try different mattresses at each location before finding a mattress that feels right to you.

If vacuuming is something you bend consistently over for, then you are going to cause back pain.

Choose a mattress that feels firm enough for your back to avoid pain. Softer mattresses are not healthy for your back. The firm ones are preferred, but ones that is much too firm may cause pain too. Take the time to try out the mattresses in various stores, because each mattress is different and some will meet your needs better then others.

Chiropractor Regularly

If you know that you are prone to back problems based on genetics or family history, go to the chiropractor regularly to prevent more injuries from appearing. Seeing a chiropractor regularly may help you to fix those small issues before they turn into serious injuries.

You could seriously injure your back pains by always assessing the weight of items you want to lift. The contents of the box can be surprisingly heavy and can put unexpected strains on your back. Don’t risk your back health by assuming you know how heavy something is according to the picture to determine the box.

If you have severe back pain and are unable to schedule an appointment with your regular physician, consider going to the emergency room to avoid doing permanent damage to your spine. You may get some relief from your back pain by lying on your back with a pillow under your knees. The muscles and tendons that go from your back down through your legs have less tension when you lay this way.

Breast reductions are not as common of a reduction to ease their back problems. Women with breast implants often discover this quickly.

Many people know what having back discomfort entails. They remember, or are experiencing the hurt right now. This article gave you some very good tips about back discomfort, and now it is up to you. Take care, and ensure your back discomfort is treated properly.

These days, everyone wants to know about the world of corset for back pain, but not everyone knows where to turn for the right information. Luckily, you have found an article that has good information to get you started. Apply the data that you take in from this article to real life.

UK considers quadrupling prison terms for Internet trolls

UK considers quadrupling prison terms for Internet trolls | Joystiq

In an effort to “take a stand against a baying cyber-mob,” lawmakers in the UK will soon debate an amendment that could quadruple prison terms for Internet trolls, from the current six months to a maximum of two years.

“These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life,” Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told the Daily Mail. “No-one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence.” Grayling’s comments come in direct response to the recent online harassment of television presenter Chloe Madeley, who was subjected to rape threats after her mother appeared on the ITV network talk show Loose Women to discuss soccer star and convicted rapist Ched Evans.

“As the terrible case of Chloe Madeley showed last week, people are being abused online in the most crude and degrading fashion,” Grayling added. “This is a law to combat cruelty – and marks our determination to take a stand against a baying cyber-mob. We must send out a clear message: If you troll you risk being behind bars for two years.”

Unfortunately, online harassment is a global epidemic. Recent harassment campaigns against Anita Sarkeesian have also included both rape and death threats, and in one instance forced the outspoken critic to cancel a major public appearance.

[Image: Wikimedia]

Hawaii gets ready for Tropical Storm Ana

Hawaii gets ready for Tropical Storm Ana | More Local News – KITV Home

You couldn’t tell with the weather we saw today that the threat of a hurricane is a real possibility. But officials are urging Hawaii residents to be prepared for strong winds, heavy rain and potential power outages. 03:27 – 03:33 “WHILE IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TODAY, I THINK BY SATURDAY WE’RE NOT GOING TO BE SEEING THIS KIND OF WEATHER UNLESS WE ARE REALLY LUCKY.” 12:45 – 12:53 “THE POTENTIAL WITH ANA IS THAT THE SYSTEM WILL HAVE A LOT MORE IMPACT FURTHER DOWN THE ISLAND CHAIN THAN WHAT WE SAW WITH ISELLE.” Downed trees, flash flooding and large waves are also what officials are asking resident to prepare for as hurricane Ana makes its way across the state. Today, Governor Abercrombie signed an emergency proclamation ahead of the storm… And all public schools on the Big Island have already cancelled class for Friday. Also on the Big Island, residents in Ka’u are hoping for the best.. but preparing for the worst. Workers are still building at shelter at Ka’u high school in Pahala. But it won’t be ready in time for this storm. Residents including some ranchers say their biggest concern is flooding in the Kawa Flats area. ANA PREPS SOT 1 KYLE SOARES- RANCHERS 03:15 BECAUE OF FLOODING ON HIGHWAY LIMIT PEOPLE ON WEST SIDE KAU TO ACCESS HOSPITAL WE’LL BE BLOCKED OF ON EAST SIDE BC OF FLOODING,” ANA PREPS SOT 3 MICHAEL ANDRADE- ACE HARDWARE NAALEHU 02:14 “WHEN IT FLOODS STANDED NO WAY GETTING OUT OF KAU.. COUPLE YEARS AGO, BRDIDGES WASHED OUT.. HOPEFULLY DOIESNT HAPPEN THIS TIME,” Rancher Soares says all the rain from Storm Iselle damaged some crops, infrastructure and fencing earlier this summer… But can only hope this storm is not as strong. From early this morning preparation for Tropical Storm Ana began here on Oahu. Customers are loading up on emergency essentials such as water and gas. Before sunrise the line grew at the Costco gas station on Alakawa Street. Some customers say they don’t want to wait in possibly longer lines as Tropical Storm Ana gets closer to the islands. 820 “I DON’T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL THIS COMING WEEKEND REALIZE I NEED TO FILL UP AND THE LINES TOO LONG AND THERES NO GAS” 827 Home Depot managers at the Iwilei store say they sold out of generators yesterday. Today’s stock is going fast- 10 flew off the shelves first thing this morning. Emergency management officials say it’s a good idea to have supplies ready for up to 7 days without power. This was the scene off the Likelike Highway today. City crews are cutting down branches to prevent them from falling onto the roadway if Ana’s winds pickup. They did the same along the H-3 Freeway. House transportation chairman Ryan Yamane was glad crews also removed large abizzias along the H-2 recently, because of the threat they posed to the major traffic corridor. REP. RYAN YAMANE 2:19- 2:33 “IT COULD FALL EITHER ON THE HIGHWAY T O THE ROADWAY WHERE CARS ARE WAITING AT THE INTERSECTIONS. THEY REALIZED BECAUSE OF THE HEIGHT OF THE TREE AND THE BRITTLENESS OF THE WOOD THAT THEY NEEDED TO BE REMOVED,” It’s also a good reminder to clear branches and debris in your OWN yard. Remember loose objects can turn into projectiles in strong wind and can also build-up to cause flooding. Dozens of High School Sporting events on all islands have been re-scheduled, many EVENTS cancelled. Island Air is also waiving CHANGE fees for passengers in anticipation of Ana. For all the latest storm related cancellations and changes, head to KITV dot